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Hello I'm Emilia.(๑>ᴗ<๑)
I'm a tea addicted girl from Sweden, i currently study fashion and design.
And i like to be creative and create things.
Nice to meet you!♥(*^ワ^*)
 cute bats visiting (。◕‿◕。)

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I made a facebook page for my store and to celebrate the big support I’m doing a giveaway! ; u ; If you want to join it’s over here!

So i had this blue dress from Martofchina and it made me think of Kiki and then this just kinda happened…

♪~”I want blood guts and angelcake”~♪

Did my hair like this again hihi ; v ;
Sweater: 6ks
Skirt: Sheinside 
Pin: Eyecandy (Coming soon u v u)
Tights: Sandysshop

I look a bit like a carrot U v U
Wig,cardigan & tights: Taobao
Necklace & rose brooches : Handmade
Hair bows & bracelet: H&M

Sweden’s weather is weird so it’s really hard to dress up either you freeze or you are too warm haha.. ; ^ ;
Wig & shoes: Taobao
Cardigan and dress: 6ks
Tights: Sandysshop

Outfit today a little deer themed kinda hihi ; v ;!
Hair bows: H&M
Wig,dress & tights: Taobao
Fur stole: Second hand
Bag: Angelicpretty
Cardigan & jacket: Sheinside

Outfit from today kinda simple hihi ; u ;
Headband: Lindex or kappahl (eeh don’t remember haha..)
Wig & socks : Taobao
Choker: Cute can kill
Cardigan & T-shirt: Sheinside
Skirt: Dreamvs jp

Pastel love!♡ (Last outfit from last week haha..) 
Wig: Gothic lolita wigs
Cardigan,chocker: Taobao 
T-shirt: Sheinside
Tights: Yurie sekiya
Shoes: Bodyline

Another outfit from this week hehe..I love these tights eep ; U ;

Wig,tights & shoes: Taobao
Sweater & skirt: Sheinside