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69 episodes omg this is meant to be 


the yandere uhm ok

the classy pervert. ok i can dig that 

you lose an eye for exchange of a wish uhm no da fuq 

say goodbye to your lover to part ways. omg no :’c 

i don’t like my anime story T__T . 


1 Movie, it’s a Drama, I am the classy pervert, my lover is a troll, we order tacos, and I will ask my lover to marry me with fireworks on the background XD

69 episodes, it’s a horror movie, I am the cool type, my lover is a crossdresser, the climax is that my lover becomes a zombie in the zombie apocalypse and the ending is that he comes back with me to live a happy ninja gay life.
XD Fine with me!

4 seasons ect, Harem, the maid, the seme, you become a magical girl, and your lover loses his memories.  I say that fitting. 

your story length :4seasons,3ova,10specials and 4 movies
Your genre: yuri
your character: hopeless pervert
your lover: the social butterfly
the climax: the final battle starts
the ending:whoops you are pregnant
this doesn’t make much sense XDDD…… How did i get pregnant if it’s yuri…

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April 18, 2012
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