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I'm a tea addicted girl from Sweden, graduated fashion and design student.
Í like to be creative and create things.
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This weekend i attended winter närcon i cosplayed Madoka Kaname and
i ended up winning the first prize in the cosplay competition i’m so happy!!
I worked so hard , we could say i put all of my soul into this cosplay heh.  The petticout required so much organza that i lost count on how much i used .. But i know that i used 40m of satin ribbon for it ; ^ ;  There were a lot of obstacles when making the costume but i’m pretty happy with the outcome! ; u ;

(You may be wondering why i made the gold bow instead of the flower bow it’s because i want to cosplay godoka one day so i’m saving it for that cosplay instead ^^.)

I wish i were 1 cm shorter because then i would be the same lenght as Madoka haha♥ 

February 24, 2013

tag(s): #pb cosplay #madoka #madoka kaname #madoka cosplay #puella magi madoka magica
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