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 cute bats visiting (。◕‿◕。)

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Simple outfit only one class today :3

Black and white outfit today !(◍•ᴗ•◍)

Today’s outfit ( ⌒⃘ཽ⃜ ◞ළ̆◟ ⌒⃘ཽ⃜ )

Todays outfit (∩„◕◞౪◟◕)⊃━☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚

Meeting Jözz,saga and marjela today :3

Super boring today 8’———))))))))

My outfit today pastel rainbow kinda ♪(´ε` )

Today’s outfit went into the city and waved of Simon 。゚(。ノω\。)゚。 now i’m alone again (´;ω;`)

Wearing my sugar hearts dress for the first time today o(^▽^)o☆彡

Going to the cinema with Daniel ^__~